Whole Spanish Boiled Crawfish

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Crawfish near me? Yes! It’s the perfect boiled seafood for your next paella.

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Crawfish are fantastic boiled seafood. Offer your family and guests a true culinary delight with Whole Spanish U10 count cooked and seasoned crawfish! Resembling mini lobsters, crawfish are crustaceans that have a firm texture and a sweet flavor similar to that of a lobster. These farm-raised crawfish are boiled in a Cajun-style seasoning and then are individually flash frozen in water to preserve their freshness and premium taste. This allows you to enjoy the delicious taste of fresh crawfish year long! To reheat, simply steam from frozen for 4 minutes or boil from frozen for 6-10 minutes.

The crawfish come fully cooked, allowing you to simply serve as is or flavor with more Cajun seasoning for a bolder taste. Perfect for a seafood boil or a Spanish rice paella!


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Weight 5 lbs

5 lb bag, 10 lb case


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