World-Renowned Tristan da Cunha Lobster Tails

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The tastiest lobster tails in the world!

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Tristan lobster tails, for many lobster connoisseurs, is renowned as the best in the world! Tristan da Cunha, known as “The Lonely Island”, is regarded as the remotest inhabited island on Earth. It’s located in the frigid waters of the South Atlantic Ocean between South Africa, Argentina, and Antarctica. The island was discovered in 1506 by the Portuguese navigator Tristão d’Acunha, and named after him. In the 18th and early 19th centuries, Tristan was visited by sealers, whalers, and shipwrecked sailors who ultimately inhabited the island. Today, the Tristan community is governed by the United Kingdom, and their lobster resource is considered to be one of the best managed and sustainable lobster fisheries in the world. Tristan adult lobsters are naturally smaller than other lobster species. Their tail size ranges from two to ten ounces with the majority being three to five ounces. As a smaller lobster portion, it gives chefs (or home cooks) the flexibility to offer multiple tail dishes or interesting combination plates. So why do so many chefs and lobster experts rave about the unique Tristan lobster? It’s because its flesh has a superb and delicate flavor. Some say this is because Tristan lobsters have a predominantly vegetarian diet; others say it’s the pristine and cold waters they are caught from.  It could also be because the tails are naturally processed with no chemicals by artisan fishermen, who take great pride in their work. Our clients have commented that they are so perfect in appearance that they look like they were manufactured in a factory! If you really want to “wow” your customers, treat them to one of the most delicious and exotic lobsters in the world!

Roasted Tristan Lobster Tails Recipe

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