Raw Norwegian Red King Crab Legs & Claws

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The best-tasting Red King Crab you may have ever eaten…

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These may be the best-tasting King crab you have ever had! The deep, cold waters of the Barents Sea off the Norwegian coast hold many treasures, but the Red King Crab is by far its premier product. Red King Crab is actually dark blue-burgundy in color but changes to a bright red color when cooked. The Norwegian fisherman catches these crabs in traps and transports them live to their holding facilities for processing. Using cryogenic freezing techniques, they are the first to successfully produce “RAW” king crab! Extremely sweet, but has a very low salt content since they are not brine frozen like Alaskan and Russian King crab. There are zero broken pieces.  Served cooked in or out of the shell, the meat is just outstanding! LIMITED SUPPLY!

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