Premium South African Cold Water Lobster Tails

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Sweet, succulent, and firm – a premier product at an affordable price!

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South African Pink Lobster Tails (Palinurus gilchristi) are trap caught in the frigid, clean waters of the coast of South Africa and are immediately processed frozen-at-sea to preserve fresheness. The fishery is strictly managed by the South African Government under an annual quota system. There are two cold water species caught, one referred to as “Pinks” commonly found on the East Coast and the “Reds” found on the West Coast. Over 50 years ago, South African lobstermen started exporting premium lobster tails into the major culinary markets of the world, including New York City, Rome, Paris, and Miami, with Tokyo also becoming a major buyer of these highly desired lobster tails.

The South African lobster tails boast a brilliant red shell, exquisitvely sweet meat,  and a succulent firmness that has made it one of the premiere lobster tails in the world. With a tail to total body mass of 45%, it has one of the highest tail yields of any lobster in the world.

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