Premium “Merus” Cut Gold King Crab Portions

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King Crab is truly King! Merus are the best King crab legs you can find.

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The Golden King crab is smaller than Red king crab and produces a smaller portion, but many seafood connoisseurs will tell you the Golden King crab meat is sweeter than any other crab in the world. The “Merus” cut is the Filet Mignon cut of King Crab. King crab legs are cut between its shoulder knuckle and its second knuckle, producing a succulent cigar-size meat portion.  Our Golden King crab was caught in the Bering Sea, at the height of the season when the crab quality is at its peak. We select our Merus Golden King Crab Legs from only the most discerning fisherman who treats the crab like they are the royal jewels.  The sizing is very consistent and the leg’s meat yield is the highest of any specialty cut. This product looks very impressive on any plate, but it’s the rich,  savory crab meat that will wow your guests. 

Drunken King Crab Legs Recipe

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1/2 oz. per piece, 2/4 oz. per piece


2lb Bag (Approx), 5lb Bag (Approx), 10lb Case, 15lb Case






  1. GZNaka

    Restaurant quality for sure. Merus Cut sections are perfect. No thin tapered legs, to deal with, just onolious full of favor succulent crab.

  2. RickL

    It’s seriously worth it, the premium “Merus” cut red King crab at 2/4oz for 2lbs was pure crab meat.
    An absolute buy for those special occasions. The staff were very kind, friendly and well organized. Pick up is located in the rear of the bldg.

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