Easy-Peel Oishii “Chemical Free” Shrimp

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A Japanse Quality shrimp that will make you feel good!

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Oishii [oh-ee-shee] Shrimp are harvested through small-batch, sustainable farming methods. Proprietary pond construction, cutting-edge farming techniques, and strict water monitoring allow a quality of shrimp that is second to none. These sustainably harvested shrimp arrive live and are processed by hand immediately to preserve the quality. No other shrimp on the market goes through the delicate care Oishii Shrimp are accustomed to. An easy-peel shrimp is a raw shell-on shrimp with a knife cut along the back from the 1st to 5th shell segments. Cooking shrimp with the shell-on enhances the flavor and coloring of the shrimp. So you can feel good when you throw these on the barbie, cover them with garlic, or have a few for appetizers. And hey! Did you know that shrimp is low in calories? You can eat them guilt free!

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