Norwegian Steelhead Trout (2-4 lbs fillet)

$10.02 /lb

The finest trout from the cold Norwegian fjords!

Frozen (IQF), Raw, Skin-On, “Trim D” Fillet.

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Norwegian Steelhead Trout, also known as Fjord Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) thrives in the icy waters of the Norwegian fjords, where rivers carrying water from glaciers and melted snow result in a low salt content and excellent conditions for this type of fish.

In the same family as salmon, the differences between the two species are subtle.

With its bright, pink flesh and white marbling, steelhead trout has a similar taste and texture to salmon – although with a more delicate flavor and tender texture. It is a culinary delight that’s earned its reputation amongst professional chefs throughout the world.

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2-4lb Fillet (Approx)




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