Norwegian Salmon Fillet (3-4 lb Fillet)

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A Premier salmon from the cold, clear waters of Norway!

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Argh! Did you know that Vikings used to eat salmon as a major part of their diet? Though you may not be able to pillage and plunder anymore, put on a horned helmet and enjoy our Norwegian salmon. Norway was one of the first countries in the world to introduce a traceability system that tracks details about the health and harvesting of their salmon. With strict quality controls and sustainable fishing methods, these are some of the freshest, most delicious salmon to be found anywhere! Norwegian salmon are fed an all‐natural diet comprising both raw vegetable and raw marine material like fish oil and fish meal from wild fish. They are also fed vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, guaranteeing a fish harvested with sustainability and health in mind.  Enjoy the firm texture, vibrant pink color, and amazing health benefits of this salmon in an entrée, appetizer, or even dessert (hey, don’t knock salmon ice cream until you’ve tried it!) You too can be as hearty and healthy as a Viking.

Norwegian Salmon Recipe with Dill Sauce

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3-4lb Fillet (Approx)




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