New Caledonia Blue Head-on Shrimp

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Our rarest shrimp from truly sustainable shrimp farms!

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New? Old? Does it matter? These “Sashimi Grade” shrimp are a rare species from New Caledonia, processed only a few hours after being harvested and subject to strict quality controls. This means that these shrimp have an uniquely rich texture and flavor. Not only are New Caledonia shrimp one of the highest quality produced prawns in the world, but they’re also farmed through non-intensive breeding methods close to natural conditions. This means only one production cycle a year! It also means that these shrimp chill in all-natural earthen ponds and pollution-free environments before they are brought directly to your plate. So, you’re having a delicious meal and helping the earth! Known the world over by Michelin-starred chefs and critics, these crustaceans are an exemplary product. With no antibiotics, pesticides, GMOs, or growth accelerators added to the shrimp at any time, their unparalleled flavor and texture speak for themselves. Their brilliant blue color comes from the plankton they eat in the natural ocean environment in which they are grown. Head-on shrimp are not only more flavorful due to a pocket of fat in their head, but they also make a beautiful plate presentation!

Head on Shrimp with Chile, Parsley, and Garlic Recipe

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