Madai Loin – Seabream (Sashimi Grade)

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This sashimi-grade madai farm-raised in the currents of the Seto Inland Sea of Japan, this seabream is imported directly from Japan by a company renown for its certifications and care.

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Prized as the king of white fish, Madai (seabream) is often reserved for important occasions, such as births, marriages and memorials, but now you can enjoy seabream year-round! Rich in nutrients such as protein, taurine, and vitamins, the meat is firm and delicious and can be employed in a variety of different dishes, including sashimi and sushi! With its freshness and quality ensured by the “ikijime” method by Rumi Japan, these loin fillets have the bones removed and are quick frozen to enable the longest duration for ensuring freshness.

Rumi Japan is located in Imabari, Shikoku, and has been operating as a seafood wholeseller in the Kurushima Strait for over forty years. Known for its fast-flowing currents and clear waters, the Kurushima Strait is an ideal fishing ground, and Rumi Japan’s 3 Foundations of Safety, Traceability, and Tastiness is supported by the HACCP (as one of only 4 Japanese companies to have obtained EU HACCP certification), as well as BRC (England), FDA (United States) & ISO9001-2008 certifications to promote Japan’s healthy dietary culture world-wide.

Ikijime is a precise process of humanely and immediately killing the fish when caught, resulting in lower levels of stress as the body goes limp which prevents the build-up of lactic acid that sours the flavor of the fish, as well as ensuring the blood in the flesh retreats to the gut cavity which produces a better colored fillet and a better taste. The fish is then swiftly bled and frozen or placed in an ice slurry, which further improves the flesh quality and grants a longer storage life.

Preparations:  Sashimi, carpaccio, preserved in miso, grilled

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