Sashimi-Grade Hokkaido 14/16 Count per lb. Scallops

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Serve raw or delicately sautéed to highlight the natural flavor

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These select scallops come from the nutrient-rich “Sea of Okhotsk” fishing grounds, known for producing one of the best-tasting scallops on the planet. Revered for their rich but delicate flavor, this precious ocean gem will shine, prepared to consume raw, seared, or poached. These scallops contain absolutely no chemicals that would add water weight or disguise poor quality. Firm in texture and sweet in flavor, these scallops won’t last long at any dinner party. Natural “sashimi” or sushi grade scallops are not easy to find and are sought after by Sushi chefs and sophisticated gourmets who require only the best! 

Pan Seared Scallops Recipe

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Weight1 lbs

2.205lb Box, 22.05lb Case ( 10 x 2.205 boxes)




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