Hamachi Loin – Yellowtail (Sashimi Grade)

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Sashimi-grade, imported directly from Japan (Ehime, Tokushima, Oita, Kagoshima), this farm-raised hamachi (yellowtail) loin is frozen, skinless & boneless fillet.

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Hamachi is a winter delicacy that can now be enjoyed year-round! The balance of melt-in-your mouth rich fat and firm, thick meat is irresistible. Hamachi can be enjoyed in a variety of styles, including as sashimi and sushi preparations. Rich in nutrients such as EPA, DHA, and vitamins, it has gained world-wide recognition for its effectiveness in beauty & health circles. The unique “ikijime” method preserves freshness and prevents ATP loss.

Rumi Japan is located in Imabari, Shikoku, and has been operating as a seafood wholeseller in the Kurushima Strait for over forty years. Known for its fast-flowing currents and clear waters, the Kurushima Strait is an ideal fishing ground. Rumi Japan’s 3 Foundations of Safety, Traceability, and Tastiness is supported by the HACCP (as one of only 4 Japanese companies to have obtained EU HACCP certification). They also have BRC (England), FDA (United States) & ISO9001-2008 certifications to promote Japan’s healthy dietary culture world-wide.

Ikijime is a precise process of humanely and immediately killing the fish when caught. This results in lower levels of stress as the body goes limp. This prevents the build-up of lactic acid that sours the flavor of the fish, as well as ensuring the blood in the flesh retreats to the gut cavity which produces a better colored fillet and a better taste. The fish is then swiftly bled and frozen or placed in an ice slurry, which further improves the flesh quality and grants a longer storage life.

Preparations: Sashimi, Grilled, Teriyaki, Fried, Preserved in miso

Uses: Stewed with daikon, carpaccio, shabu-shabu, donburi

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