Goose Point Shucked Oysters – Blue Seal

$1.54 each

Looking for Oysters? Goose Point Shucked Oysters are the perfect choice!

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Goose Point Oysters are one of our most popular products! Grown in the vibrant and pristine coastal-plain estuary of Willapa Bay, Goose Point high-pressure oysters will stay fresh longer and are free of natural pathogens due to the high-pressure treatment. The extreme pressure unravels the protein bond between the oyster and its shell. This allows the oysters to be pre-shucked in the shell. Goose Point oysters resemble the light, salty, clean taste of ocean air, complete with a smooth follow-through.

Additional information

Weight 12 lbs

1/2 bag (30 oysters), 1 bag (60 oysters)


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