Frozen Italian Porcini Mushrooms

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Straight from the woods to your plate!

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These delectable mushrooms have a desirable texture and a strong nutty-woodsy, sweet, and meaty taste. When sliced, they are a rich brown color with hints of yellow. The Porcini mushroom, Bolete edulis, grows in North American, European and even Australian forests. It is often found growing under conifer and hardwood trees to a large size; its cap can reach almost a foot across. Porcini mushrooms are generally not cultivated, but gathered from the wild. Because of the symbiotic relationship these mushrooms have with tree roots, that bond has proven to be hard to reproduce under controlled conditions. Porcinis have a thick, fleshy, brown cap that sits upon a long, fleshy stem. The underside of the cap does not have gills, but pores that release its spores. Porcini mushrooms are wonderful to eat cooked, sauteed, or in a pasta. One of the most versatile accompaniments around! Comes in 2.205 (1 Kilo) bags.

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