Fanny Bay Oysters (Live)

$1.22 each

If you’re looking for a more “traditional” oyster experience, Fanny Bay Oysters should be your oysters of choice!

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From the rich waters of Baynes Sound, in the Southern third of Vancouver Island, Fanny Bay Oysters typically range between 3-3.5″. Beach grown and known for their “full-slurp” effect, these full-bodied oysters truly showcase the mineral flavors of Baynes Sound. Tray raised and beach hardened, Fanny Bays have a strong shell that makes them great for grilling or serving on a half-shell. With the sweetness of white sugar with a light brine finish and earthy, organic undertones.

Suggested Use: Hibachi Grilled or Served Raw on Half-Shell!

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Weight 12 lbs

1/2 bag (30 oysters), 1 bag (60 oysters)


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