Eastern Canadian Snow Crab Clusters

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Our Eastern Canadian Snow Crab is harvested and processed throughout the Atlantic Provinces (Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island) and Quebec. The Canadian fishing season usually runs from April to November. Snow Crab typically comes in three or four different sizes and is cooked & graded at sea. Snow crabs are taken in traps, commonly referred to as “pots,” on the sandy bottom of the ocean in depths from 30 feet to as far down as 1,500 feet. They are smaller and less red than king crabs and, instead of three sets of legs like the king crab, snow crab has four sets of legs plus two claw arms. Live snow crab averages just over one and a half pounds in round weight. The “clusters” are taken off the main body of the crab. They are then cooked, chilled, frozen, and glazed over before they are packed into 10 lb. boxes for shipping and sale. Each section consists of half a crab, with each section having its claws attached.

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