Canadian Cooked Claw, Leg and Knuckle Lobster Meat

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We did all the work, cooking and shelling the lobster!

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What do you do with a Northern Atlantic Cold Water lobster after you remove its tail? Make cooked Claw, Leg and Knuckle lobster meat, of course.  The Northern Atlantic Cold Water Lobster, also called American, Maine and Canadian lobster, has a lot of meat beyond its tail. First of all, there is meat in the claws (The larger of the two claws is called the “crusher” claw and the smaller claw is called the “pincer” or “cutter” claw). They are full of tender, sweet meat. There are also the two joints that connect the large claws to the carapace. Connoisseurs say the knuckle meat is the tastiest. Finally, the four pairs of legs contain small strips of meat that take some work to remove. Cooked lobster meat is excellent for lobster rolls, salads, lobster cakes, and any type of stuffing.

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