Bottarga di Muggine!

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Enjoyed as a delicacy around the world since ancient times, bottarga di muggine is the roe sac of a grey mullet (muggine) that has been salted, massaged by hand to expel air pockets over a period of several weeks, pressed, and then sun-dried for another 1-2 months. In Italy, it is sometimes referred to as “The Caviar of the South”. It is similar to Karasumi in Japanese cuisine, and Eoran in Korean cuisine.

Bottarga has an assertive, concentrated umami flavor that is a touch fishy, often matched with a drop of lemon juice or grated lemon zest. It has a hard and dry texture that is best served thinly sliced, diced and/or grated with a microplane over a starch, grain, antipasto, or a salad.

Bottarga is a truly versatile ingredient!

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