Asian Soft Shell Mangrove Crab

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The Mangrove Soft Shell Crab is the meatiest and tastiest Soft-Shell Crab available!

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Our Asian Mangrove Soft Shell Crab is the perfect substitute for Domestic Soft Shell Blue Crab. In the last 10 years, Domestic Soft Shell crab resources have decreased dramatically, causing their prices to increase. Our buyers searched for a premium Soft Shell Crab from Asia at a lower cost than the domestic product. We found it in the little known Asian Mangrove Crab. These crabs are extremely tasty with a meat yield that is one-third more than the regular post-molting Blue Crab.  In our opinion, our Asian Soft Shell Mangrove Crabs are the meatiest and tastiest Soft-Shell Crabs available.

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Prime 4.5-5.0 inches (14 pc.), Hotel 4.0-5.0 inches (18 pc.)


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